Geaux Water Accepted into Shell’s Gamechanger Innovation Program

In December 2019, Geaux Water was accepted into Shell Oil’s Gamechanger Innovation Program. This milestone has occurred after one year of field prototyping with industrial waste water and two years after laboratory prototyping and three years after initial laboratory work on our novel clean water process.

Welcome to Geaux Water

Geaux Water was created on January 1, 2019 to address industrial waste water and produced water treatment needs. Geaux Water is a spin-out from Reactwell’s applied R&D clean water work in 2018. Geaux Water’s proven and patented technology efficiently cleans-up high TDS, TSS and COD waste waters from industrial plants and produced waters.

The technology was first tested with a site in Louisiana in 2018 through laboratory batch and then laboratory pilot scale steady-state unit. The technology has now transitioned to field scale for 2019.

Geaux Water is headquartered at the Water Campus in Baton Rouge, LA USA.

Why Geaux Water? The local culture and influence of French and Cajuns in Southern Louisiana led to adoption of the name Geaux Water.